AM2 Pt 1

by s ? e c i a l - k



This is actually my first solo project ever! I had a blast making it and plan to do a sequel in the future! Gamers may be familiar with the AM2 logo used on the cover which represents Sega AM2 or Amusement Machine Research and Development Department 2. This album is dedicated to the department that developed many great games like Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, Daytona USA, Virtua Cop, and many great arcade games. Yu Suzuki is a legend who continues to please his fans. I wanted to make an EP that I could pack some of my favorite Shenmue and Virtua Fighter memories into. Every track uses a voice or song sample from either Shenmue or Virtua Fighter.

Since these were not the only AM2 memories I have I am planning on making a second part that will include Daytona, Virtua Cop, and possibly Sega Rally.

The bonus track "SEGA BLEEMCAST" uses samples from Sony Playstation's Metal Gear Solid. As a kid I was always confused about what exactly the Bleemcast was. Later I found it was basically a disc that you can insert into your Dreamcast and it would allow you to play sony playstation discs. After playing metal gear solid on the dreamcast I noticed that the graphics were much smoother than the PSX. None of my friends in school believed me when I said I was playing MGS on the Dreamcast.

Anyways, enough gamer talk.. hope you enjoy the project and come back for more! :)


released January 21, 2013

Javriel T Maupin



all rights reserved


s ? e c i a l - k Cleveland, Ohio

I'm just a dude who loves life

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Track Name: Where is the mirror?
"Where is the Mirror" - Lan di
"I have no intentions on telling you!" - Ryo's Father
"Fuku-san! FUKU-SAN!" - Ryo Hazuki
Track Name: 100 ¥
"My mom cuts my hair..... with electric clippers, KOOL HUH."
"Give me a hundred yen!"
"aww man.. your so stingy!"
"I.. just.. might remember if you give me a hundred yen"
"Your mean!"
"If your going to talk like that, give me a hundred yen!"
Track Name: GOLD DURAL
"Toy Capsules"
"A hundred yen each huh."
"I should buy one"
Track Name: huh.
"Ohh, RYO!"
"Whats the matter for you huh?"
"You want some of the pizza?"
"cheese melting, the taste of love huh?"
"OK, I make the noodle pizza for you!"
"And you can share it with nozomi huh?"
"Make the left and then you go straight!"
"Its next to a motorcycle shop!"
"Ohh you get a haircut huh?"
"Fell very good huh?"
"Make ya popular with the bellas huh?"
"Make Nozomi feel amore huh?"
"Maybe I get a haircut too huh?"
"Nozomi's growing out her hair, you get happy huh?"
Track Name: INSULTS
"Kiss off!"
"Disappear from my sight. geek!"
"Get lost jerk!"
"Huh? Who the hell do you think you are?"
"What? whatcha want twit!?"
"What a panzee ass geek!"
"Want me to kick your ass?"
"I'll slap ya silly ya panzee!"
"OK Bastard!"
"You asking for it. jerk!"
"Why don't you kiss off!?"
"Huh. huh? can't hear you!"
"I'm not in the mood for this!"
"You talking to me?"
"Shut the hell up!"
"You best get outta my face!"
"I know you gonna step down!"
"Kiss off!"
"Don't make me hurt you. Boy!"
"Beat it!"
"Go home to mommy!"
"Get outta here before I hurt you!"
"Get outta my space. school boy!"
"Whats with you!?"
"Man... Shut up!"
"Jerk off!"
"Who the hell is this!?"
"Kiss off!"
"Freaki- - Mother. Fuuh"
"Screw off asshole!"
"I'm going to kick your ass!"
Track Name: 4 SARAH (GAME BREAK)
"Better run home to mama now!"
Track Name: Hakkyoku-ken
Track Name: PUT IT DOWN!
"We're putting it down"
"Hey! I said down!"
"Put it down!"
"Put it down!"
Track Name: GTHO!
"Shut your trap. and disappear"
"How many times I gotta say it!?"
"Stupid idiot!"
"Get the hell out!"
"Shut the hell up!"
"Don't say a friggin word!"
"Stay the hell away from me!"
Track Name: Leave
"If your not a customer. Get the hell out!"
"Huh.. So what.. Why don't you find someone who cares!?"
"Go somewhere else!"
"I can't give you a discount no matter how much you ask!"
"What do you mean by "huh."?"
"It's your trip!"
"You came here for a tour. didn't you?"
"You are booking a trip. right?"
"Then what are you here for!?"
"If your not a customer then leave!"
"Take a bus!"
"Go on. Leave!"
"I asked you to leave!"
"How many times do I have to repeat myself!?"
"Fine.. Stand there looking stupid if you want.."
"anata no kobini, tomato ma-to"
"Whats that!?"
"Who's that!?"
"Where'd he go!?"